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LOG ROLLER Q & A - Sam Hadley

Q & A with Sam Hadley

Name: Sam Hadley
World Rank: #10
Hometown: Hayward, WI

Hadley competes in the boom run at the 2015 Lumberjack World
Championships in Hayward, WI.(Photo Credit: Rich Magnone)

USLRA: You’ve been involved in Log Rolling and Timber Sports almost your entire life, and for the past several years you’ve traveled around the country as part of Timberworks Lumberjack show. What’s it like to do something for a living that you grew up enjoying?

Hadley: I grew up in Hayward and started Log rolling there. My mom was the General Manager for Fred’s Scheer’s Lumberjack show so I grew up running around there. And in college I got asked to emcee and it’s kind of turned into my full time job. I don’t get to log roll on the road as much as people probably think I do. But I love being involved in Timber Sports and it definitely allows me to see parts of the country that I don’t think I would have ever visited had I not been involved with it.

USLRA: Most touring Lumberjacks admit it can actually be tough to train as a professional log roller when you’re doing Lumberjack shows throughout the summer, which is kind of ironic, isn’t it?

Hadley: For us it’s all about the show roll, it’s all about longer rolls, splashing and rocking the log. It’s not about winning in our shows. It’s about entertaining an audience. Every once in a while I get to train on a smaller training log but I’m usually rolling by myself. Our Lumberjacks are more focused on the chopping, the sawing, and the speed climbing, not so much the log rolling. So there’s really no one for me to train with, which has made it tough the last few years. By moving back to the Midwest this past year I’m hoping that moving forward I’ll be able to get some more training in with others.

USLRA: Even though you were on the road most of this past summer, you did have a pretty good year on the Pro Log Rolling tour as well. Now that you’ve moved back to the Midwest from Colorado it seems you’re committed to an even stronger log rolling season in 2016.

Hadley: It’s definitely going to be different. This is actually in the works right now - I’m starting a new log rolling program in Virgina, Minnesota. I’ll be able to roll all year again and I’m very excited to start a program back in the Midwest, something that I think can be sustainable and hopefully grow a team like some of the other programs. I don’t plan on traveling as much with the Lumberjack show next year. I’m going to take more of business roll with them rather than a travel roll.

USLRA: It sounds like you will be in position to pump up your training routine for 2016?

Hadley: I’ve consistently been anywhere between fifth and eighth in competition and I’m ready to get above that. I feel like I have the potential to be better if I put all the pieces together every single weekend. My plan is to train more this winter and then get around some of the other programs this summer and get to train with everyone else. And it’ll be good to see everyone more. It’s like one big family. We’re all there to compete and win but it’s so much fun to see everyone and catch up.

USLRA: You mentioned You’re in the beginning stages of building a brand new log rolling program in northern Minnesota (Virgina). What are some of your goals moving forward with the new program?

Hadley: A lot of families are looking for something their kids can do. I’m really excited for the possibility to start something going that Hayward and Madison, and Onalaska all have. It’s something I’ve wanted to do forever but I think it’ll definitely be a challenge. I think people will sign up, but you have to get people to be consistent and continue to sign up. You can’t take one four week session. You have to stick with it. So hopefully, we can kind of build a log rolling community and get everyone traveling to competitions.


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