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LOG ROLLER Q & A - Emily Christopherson

Q & A with Emily Christopherson

Name: Emily Christopherson
World Rank: #4
Hometown: Bangor, WI

Christopherson competes with Shana Verstegan
at the Three Rivers Roleo on August 9, 2014(photo courtesy Rich Magnone)

USLRA: Unlike most of the top pros you did not start log rolling until almost your early teens and didn’t start competing in tournaments until after that, which is unusual in a sport like log rolling?

Christopherson: I started later in elementary school, and that was considered late. I’d been watching the other kids at the Y and I wanted to do it. And my parents finally let me do it once a week. I can’t say I was great growing up. I was tall which made is difficult but once I was able to control myself on the log that’s when I was able to progress more. But it was not until college until I started to compete more and take it seriously and got myself more involved.

USLRA: Was it hard to catch up to the other pros who had been rolling since they were much younger?

Christopherson: It was very intimidating but it wasn’t my main sport growing up, I was always a swimmer growing up and it (log rolling) was more of an alternative cross training sport for me. And once I hit college I started to take log rolling more seriously, and that’s when I started to close the gap between my competition a little.

USLRA: How did you manage to catch up and become one of the top ranked rollers in the world?

Christopherson: I was older than most of the girls in semi pro, but I played to my strengths, I was strong on the log and aggressive and I think that helped me catch up (and develop).

USLRA: Toughest pro to roll is who?

Christopherson: It just depends. Sometimes people are on and off but I’d say the Hoeschlers (Abby Hoeschler and Lizzie Horvitz), Shana (Verstegen), and Gretchen Greene, and there are others as well.

USLRA: Most enjoyable to roll is who?

Christopherson: That’s a difficult question. I like rolling Katie Rick because she‘s my rolling partner and we train almost every day. I enjoy rolling Gretchen Green. Last year at world championships rolling for 3rd place - it was probably one of the more intense matches of my life. I barely beat her (Greene) by a thread yet she was so happy for having such a great match and she was so positive and that’s what I really like about her.

USLRA: You also teach Log Rolling in the La Crosse area. Best part about teaching is what?

Christopherson: It’s great to give back to the sport. Being able to mentor and help the students progress. It’s slow sometimes, it takes a long time to learn how to roll at an advanced level. But helping the kids find that dedication and keep their focus is a great experience.

USLRA: Goals for this year at World Championships?

Christopherson: Mentally I’m more experienced as far as the world championships, there’s a lot of pressure that goes along worth that. I don’t think I was prepared a few years ago as far as that goes. Now that I’ve figured out the mental side of it there’s much more of a chance I could do well. There are so many girls though that could covet that top spot. I’ve placed third quite a few times but obviously I’d like to go for first and get that world championship. But I think the only way to do that is to keep my mental game strong and stay in good physical shape and roll to my potential.


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