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LOG ROLLER Q & A - Dominik Serpico

Q & A with Dominik Serpico

Name: Dominik Serpico
World Rank: #7
Hometown: Hudson, WI

Serpico competes against 9 time world champion JR Salzman
at the Three Rivers Roleo on August 9, 2014(photo courtesy Rich Magnone)

USLRA: You’re entering your second year as a pro. What was it like a year ago when you turned pro and for the first time had to roll the best in the world as opposed to the best amateur teenagers in your age group?

Serpico: It was a huge transition from a carpet to a spike log. With the carpet you don’t raise your feet as much. When you’re going to the spikes you’re more jogging in place really high, like high knee jogging. So it was a transition to stepping higher. It was a great experience. I feel like I improved over the year.

USLRA: As a rookie you rolled against nine time World Champion J.R. Salzman several times. What was that experience like?

Serpico: It was scary. I feel a lot more comfortable rolling him now because I’ve rolled him at least five or six times since I turned pro or least once every tournament.

USLRA: What was different about him compared to most of the other pros you competed against?

Serpico: He has a lot more muscle. He’s very strong. I didn’t have the same strength as him. He’s also got a lot more experience. He could read my foot steps before I could read his. It’s just a huge challenge rolling him.

USLRA: Going into year two, how much more comfortable do you feel?

Serpico: I feel more comfortable, definitely. Now that I’ve rolled almost every pro more than once you start to get used to them, their feel, and feel like you’re getting used to them.

USLRA: What are your goals for 2015?

Serpico: Try to keep the rank I’m at now, maybe improve a little. Mostly just have fun and enjoy the sport.


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