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LOG ROLLER Q & A - Anjali Krongard

Q & A with Anjali Krongard

Name: Anjali Krongard
World Rank: #18
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Krongard splashes water during practice.

USLRA: What was it like for you in your first pro season?

Krongard: It was really scary. You could tell the seriousness increased a crazy amount. It was more pressure for sure. Shana Martin was my first pro match and then Jenny Atkinson. It was intimidating, it was hard to roll them because they’ve got so much more experience, but I knew I had to because for me it was an experience I needed to get better.

USLRA: What was it like find out Shana would be your opponent for your first pro match?

Krongard: I did better than I thought but my heart sank, it was in my stomach. I was petrified. I had no idea what was going to happen but I did I lot better than I thought I would.

USLRA: Have you received any tips from Shana or Jenny?

Krongard: Absolutely, they’re both such great sports. Shana always gives good advice, told me I did a great job and gave me some tips for next time. Jenny has been a coach with us forever and she’s great with giving tips and encouraging the young (pro) rollers.

USLRA: Do you have advice for older amateurs who are thinking about turning pro soon?

Krongard: Try and get on a log with a pro as much as you can and training on a spike - roll a year or so before turning pro is important. I trained with Jenny Atkinson the summer before I went pro and it really helped me. Just getting on a log with someone who you know will challenge you is going to help a lot.

USLRA: Favorite part of log rolling is what?

Krongard: The uniqueness of the sport. Being able to say I’m a log roller. I’m passionate about what I do. I love being able to get on the log and it’s different every time I get on. Every match is new, every fall is new.

USLRA: How are you preparing for the 2015 pro season?

Krongard: It’s more about getting ready from a stamina standpoint and building up leg strength. I could tell rolling the people I did (at the pro level) that they were strong and they know how to move the log and control it. I want to rank higher in Hayward this year than last year and I’ve been running more - cross training. Just getting more experience for the season coming up.


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